PER Practices Pack

PER Practices Pack

PER Practices Pack € 290

This qualification allows the government of recreational motor boats of up to 24 m in length


The PER certification (Recreational Craft Skipper) allows the operation of recreational motor boats of up to 15 meters in length and navigation in the area 12 miles from the coast. It also allows for navigation between islands within the Balearic and Canary archipelago as well as operation of jet skis, within the specific navigation limits applicable, according to each one’s technical characteristics.

In order to obtain the degree, in addition to a theoretical examination, it is necessary to carry out a standardized navigation practice and a short-range radio operator. These practices must be done in an approved school that will evaluate and certify that they have been carried out correctly.

Approved engine practices are carried out in the Olympic Port of Barcelona with authorized boats, and lasting 16h.

The total time of the practices is divided with 8 sections:

  • 1. Security and checks before going out to sea
  • 2. Planning of defeat and fire protection
  • 3. Engines and electrical installation
  • 4. Maintenance of the boat, prevention of pollution and ropes
  • 5. Manoeuvres.
  • 6. Anchoring, monitoring and control of the defeat
  • 7. Navigation
  • 8. Security manoeuvres.

The official sailing practices of 16 hours will only be completed once in order to obtain a nautical sports license. If the student has realized these practices previously he/she will not have repeat them for the PER license. The sailing navigation regulations will be carried out with a sailboat of over 6 meters in length, in “voyage regime”, covering a minimum duration of 16 hours (1 hour stop every 4 hours sailing). The agenda will proceed as follows:

  • Theory of navigation sailing
  • Cordage and sails
  • Sailing manoeuvres
  • Advanced sailing manoeuvres
  • Safety manoeuvres
  • Safety with sailing
Evaluation of the practices: The instructor will evaluate the capacity of the examinee according to the following points, and will be able to suspend the student if any of the following requirements are not met.

  • Punctuality and assistance (less than 95% attendance is not allowed)
  • Compliance to school regulations.
  • Active participation and close attention to the training by the student
Requirements for boat practices

  • Depending on the season and weather conditions the student must wear appropriate clothing
  • The student's footwear must be of white or neutral rubber sole
  • It is recommended to use sunscreen, hat and sunglasses


  • 16h Security and Navigation + 12h ROCA + VAT: 290 €
  • 16h Security and Navigation + 12h ROCA + 16h Sail + VAT: 480 €
  • 16h Security and Navigation + 12h ROCA + 16h Sail + 48h Ampli. Islands (Barna-Menorca-Barna) + VAT: 700 €

Contact information

C/ del Rosselló, 488 - Escala C, 3º 4ª - 08025 Barcelona
0034 655 95 90 45
0034 683 24 39 18


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