PNB Practices Pack

PNB Practices Pack

PNB Practices Pack for € 145

The PNB qualification allows the government of recreational motor boats of up to 8 meters in length


The PNB license (Basic Navigation Skipper) allows the operation of recreational motor boats of up to 8 meters in length, provided that the boats does not go further than 5 miles in any direction of a port, marina or place of shelter. Operation of jet skis is also granted, within the specific navigation limits applicable to them, according to their technical characteristics and power for which the watercraft authorized.

In order to obtain the degree, in addition to a theoretical examination, it is necessary to carry out approved navigation and radio-communication practices. These practices must be done in an approved school, which will certify that they have been carried out correctly.

Complementary attributions:

Operation of sailing vessels, provided that the approved sailing practices are carried out. These practices last for 16 hours and if they are done for the PNB it will not be necessary to do them again for the rest of the degrees.

* The radio communications course (4h) can be substituted by the short-range radio operator (12h) in a way that complements the PNB degree and with the advantage that this course will no longer have to be done in the higher degrees: PER, Yacht Skipper, Yacht Captain.

- Be over 18 or 16 years of age with parental authorization. 
- Pass the corresponding theoretical exam. 
- Proof of passing a medical exam conducted in accordance with the requirements in the regulations. Provide a valid medical certificate. 
- Accredit basic compulsory safety and navigation practices. 
- Proof of mandatory radio communication practices or the short-range radio operator title.

Definitions of:
Helmet , structure, anchoring equipment, rudder, helix, dimensions, terminology

Mooring and anchoring elements :
- Mooring elements
- Knots
- Anchoring

Safety at sea :
- Stability
- Checks before going to sea
- Measures to take on board in bad weather
- Thunderstorms
- Low stability
- Shallow Water
- Safety Material
- Man Overboard
- Tugging
- Maritime Rescue 


- Rules that affect recreational boats
- Limitations on navigation
- Divers and swimmers
- Prevention of pollution
- National pavilion 
- Salvage
- Protection of natural spaces of the marine environment.

Beaconing . IALA regulation .
International Regulation to Prevent Collisions with the Sea (RIPA):
- Generalities Rules 1 to 3. Rules of direction and government. Rules 4 to 19. Lights and Marks . Rules 20, 21 and 23 to 31.
- Acoustic and light signals. Rules 32 to 37. Warning signs. 
- Annex IV. IT IS EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED: Rule 22 and Annexes I, II and III. Any interpretation that does not conform to the text textually in the Regulation

((Reviewed in detail in BOE No. 247 Saturday, October 11, 2014 Sec. I. P. 83009)

Necessary materials:
- Original DNI and medical certificate .
- Pencil and eraser, compass, ruler, square, bevel, protractor, pen, calculator (must not be programmable).

The exam consists of 27 independently formulated test questions, with four possible answers each, with maximum duration of 45 minutes. The exam will be corrected by a double criterion of valuation, for which to obtain the approved one will have to answer correctly a minimum of 17 questions, without superseding a maximum number of errors:

a) Of Beaconing, maximum 2 allowed errors

b) Regulation, maximum 5 errors allowed

Summary :
- Duration: Maximum time: 45 minutes.

Examiner : Administration

- Total questions (test type): 27, errors 10p
- Beaconing , 5 errors 2p
- Ripa 10, errors 5p
- Rest 12, failures 3p

- Maximum exam time 45 minutes
- Total questions 18, errors 3p
- Letter 4, errors 2p
- Rest 14, failures 1

(If POR is suspended and the PNV requirements are met, it is valid for the same during 2 calls)

  • 8h Security and Navigation + 4h Radiocommunications + VAT: € 145
  • 8h Security and Navigation + 12h ROCA + VAT: 240 €
  • 8h Security and Navigation + 4h Radiocommunications + 16h Candle + VAT: 329 €
  • 8h Security and Navigation + 12h ROCA + 16h Candle + VAT: 420 €

Contact information

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0034 655 95 90 45
0034 683 24 39 18


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