Yacht Skipper Practice Pack

Yacht Skipper Practice Pack

Yacht Skipper Practice Pack for € 450

The Yate Skipper titling allows the Government of recreational motor boats of up to 24 meters in length


The Yacht Skipper license allows the operation of recreational motorboats of up to 24m in length, which allows navigation in the area between the coast and a line parallel to it, drawn at a distance of 150 nautical miles. Operation of jet skis within the specific navigation limits applicable to these, according to their technical characteristics, is also granted.

In order to obtain the license it is necessary to carry out, in addition to a theoretical examination, approved safety and navigation practices; These practices must be done in an approved school, such as “El Pirata” Nautical School, which will evaluate and certify that they have been carried out correctly.

In order to operate sailing vessels, approved sailing practices must be carried out. These practices, if they have been previously done for the PNV or PER degrees, will no longer be necessary to do them again.

Voluntarily, the student will be able to carry out the training of Long Range Radio Operator.

To obtain the license, the regulatory practices of safety and navigation are necessary, which must have a minimum duration of 48 hours. Of these, at least 36h will be in cruise regime and each student must perform a full navigation guard day and night.

The safety and navigation practices are based on the Yacht Skipper license, so it may not be necessary to review issues that have already been covered.

For a journey and safe navigation, it is intended to increase the stay at sea so that the student can get used to the duration of navigation that could be done with this license. For a correct assimilation of the objectives to be achieved, it is of vital importance to establish a regime of guards during the performance of the most common practices and tasks of these. The objectives to achieve are classified into 5 sections that are:

  • Use of fire and safety equipment
  • Preparation of the defeat
  • Checks before going out to sea
  • Effective navigation guard
  • Navigation. Take bearings and delays
The officially approved sailing practices of 16 hours are only done once to obtain the nautical sports license, (if the student has already done these practices before will not have to redo for the license). Regulatory practices of sailing will be done in a sailboat of over 6 meters in length, in “voyage regime”, with a minimum duration of 16 hours (one stop of 1 hour every 4 hours of navigation). The agenda of these is the following:
  • Theory of sailing
  • Rigging and sails
  • Sailing maneuvers
  • Advanced sailing maneuver
  • Safety maneuvers
  • Safety in sailing
Evaluation of the practices: The instructor will evaluate the capacity of the examinee according to the following points, and will be able to suspend the student if any of the following requirements are not met.
  • Punctuality and assistance (less than 95% attendance is not allowed)
  • Compliance to school regulations
  • Active participation and close attention to the training by the student

Requirements for boat practices

  • Depending on the season and weather conditions the student must wear appropriate clothing
  • The student's footwear must be of white or neutral rubber sole
  • It is recommended to use sunscreen, hat and sunglasses

School regulations for conducting practices

The nautical schools are obliged to notify the Generalitat of Catalonia several days before the radio and all navigation practices on the number of attendees. For this reason, it is necessary to notify the school 4 days in advance of one’s participation, and make the payment.

Once the nautical school has notified the Generalitat, registration can no longer be changed unless it is due to demonstrable force majeure *. If a student does not show up, they cannot be evaluated and the practice will not be recognized. Failure of a registered student to attend will also prevent other interested students from participating, as the nautical school cannot sell the reserved placement.

48h Security and Navigation + VAT: 450 €

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